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If you want to lose a few pounds, clear up your skin, or gain more energy, you may want to try a body detox. A detox is designed to rid your body of toxins and built-up waste so you feel lighter and rejuvenated. One of the most common ways to detox is through diet such as fasting, or drinking only fresh juices for a few days. However, there are other natural ways to detox you can try too.

Saunas are one of my favorite ways to detox. They induce sweating that allows you to release toxins through your skin. I have noticed my skin becomes much clearer and dewy looking when I use saunas on a regular basis Detox baths are also warm and relaxing while helping you expel toxins at the same time. You can buy special bath salts for detoxing or create your own solution from essential oils like rosemary or grapefruit oil.

natural way to detox

Although I have never tried it, I know people who swear by acupuncture as a treatment for all kinds of ills or to use simply for detoxing the body. Acupuncture must of course be carried out by a professional and can be pricey, but the results could be worth it. It is on my list of things to try.

It turns out coffee is good for more than just a morning pick-me-up. You can massage used coffee grounds into your thighs to help break up cellulite and open pores to allow built up debris to clear out of your skin. Some even swear by coffee enemas as these are said to stimulate the liver to purify the blood by releasing more bile.

While I haven’t tried coffee enemas, I have tried green smoothies, which are the latest craze for losing weight and detoxing the body. These are like fruit smoothies, except they are made from green vegetables like kale, romaine, or spinach. This makes it easy to take in large amounts of raw enzymes every day that help heal and repair your body, and they taste great too!

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