A Win-win Situation

We spend way too little time thinking about how we can make a contribution towards mitigating the negative effect that humanity has on the planet. To help the environment we are frequently asked to either spend more money or to refrain from using certain benefits that modern living insures, and that we take for granted. Every now and then, we are provided with an opportunity to do the right thing without making any sacrifices, and fuel catalysts are a shining example.

Most people limit their actions at purchasing cars that have a better mileage, so that they won’t need to buy as much gas. These actions help environment and also limit the amount spent on gas, which is a win-win situation but there is still room for improvement. By using a catalyst such as PetroMaxx Plus, car owners can expect their fuel burning to increase from roughly 85% to figures that come very close to 100%. The direct consequence is a decrease of consumption, so a more complete burn will also lead to savings.

If the catalyst can be used in both gasoline, diesel, bio diesel, RFG and propane, this means that everyone who owns a car can enjoy the same benefits. Whether you consider helping the environment as a side effect or the main reason for giving PetroMaxx Plus a chance, doing nothing is definitely the wrong approach. It might sound too good to be true, but by improving the rate at which the fuel is burned instead of burning more fuel, drivers can spend just as much time on the road with lower costs.

Marriage Keeps Women Fit?

The stereotype has it that once women get married, they tend to put on weight and let themselves go. While it may be true that women do put on weight with pregnancies, a recent study has shown that married women do a much better job of staying fit than divorced women.

Interestingly, the opposite was found to be true for men. They tend to be less fit once they get married, but get back into shape once divorced. This study seems to indicate that men are the ones who let themselves go once they are off the market, and women keep trying to stay in shape even when married.

Practically, every woman I know is always working on her weight or fitness level. Some of us let things get out of control and gain weight, but the effort to get back in shape seems to be a constant drive among women.

This study was carried out at a clinic in Texas. The participants were followed for three years, and their fitness levels tested. Upon evaluation of the data, marital status was analyzed and that is when researchers discovered that marriage keeps women fit, especially when compared to how marriage affects the fitness levels of men.

Women who stayed single throughout the study were noted to have an increase in fitness levels. Married women remained at the same fitness levels and women who became divorced saw a decrease in fitness.

What does this study teach us? For one thing, if you get divorced, you need to be aware the tendency is there to allow yourself to lose ground on your fitness scores. This could be due to depression, or increased responsibility that leaves you less free time for fitness. Knowing this in advance may be enough of an incentive to spur you into action so you don’t forget about taking care of yourself once you are on your own again.

And for all the married women out there, this study indicates you are better at staying fit than your husbands, so it may be time to drag them to the gym with you, so you will both live long healthy lives!

Negotiate your Best Deal

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